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Made in America as always. Did you know that we used our American Indian ancestors weight loss ingredients to create this masterpiece.

Are you tired of trying to lose weight with no results?

Our Detox Diet Tea is a natural solution that helps you burn fat faster (sweat and sweat and sweat), reduce bloating and cleanse your colon. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients and is safe for long-term use. You can even drink it while pregnant or breastfeeding!

We are so confident in our product that we offer a 90 day money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with the results. Don’t wait any longer, click BUY NOW to try Sevo Slimming Detox Tea today!

Or are you Looking for a natural way to lose weight?

The Sevo Slimming Detox Tea is the perfect solution. It’s made with all-natural ingredients that are safe and effective for both men and women. You can use it long term, which makes it great for maintaining your results after you reach your goal weight.

Our detox tea will help you feel more energetic, reduce bloating, cleanse the colon, promote weight loss, restore metabolism and regulate gastrointestinal function and pancreatic function.

Click BUY NOW right now to see how our detox diet tea can help you achieve your goals!

Order because it tastes good. Reorder because it works!

190+ Doctors have sold and recommended Sevo Tea for over 3 years.

Sevo Tea provides a delicious and uplifting blend of the finest natural herbs made to boost energy levels, detox, reduce mental fatigue, aid memory, and promote weight loss.

  • Energy Boost: Naturally caffeinated and full of antioxidants.
  • Morning Energy: Perfect for morning energy, alertness, and a clear mind.
  • High Antioxidants: Includes ORAC antioxidant values of 58uM per gram!
  • Weight Loss Support: Includes green tea and increases metabolism.
  • 100% Natural Tea Bags: No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
  • Drinkable Daily: Drink 1-3 servings daily as needed.
  • Guaranteed Refund: If you are not satisfied, send it back by simply contact us for a full 90 day money back guarantee!

Sevo Tea is recommended by over 190 Doctors for appetite control and memory aid. The energy tea blend is 100% natural with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, gluten-free, and kosher certified. The best energy tea to compliment our Gentle Detox Tea.


100% PURE Organic green tea leaf extract. No Additive!


  • Slimming, Fat burner, weight loss
  • Detoxification, Restore metabolism, regulate gastrointestinal function and pancreatic function
  • Regulate endocrine, Burn fat
  • Boost your daily energy
  • Digestion enhancer
  • Curbing appetite
  • Helping digestion
  • Reducing bloating
  • Suppressing Appetite
  • Anti Cellulite
  • Fat blocker


Place 1 tea bag in a cup of boiling water. Let it brew for 5-15 minutes (Do not brew for longer than 15 minutes). It ¡s recommended to drink 2 cup a day, morning and night. MORNING DETOX 11 ESSENTIAL Herbs: Used to increase metabolism speed And stop unhealthy food cravings.

AM/PM Tea Regimen

  • AM - Drink Sevo Tea in the morning for more energy and increased metabolism throughout the day.
  • PM - Drink Sevo Tea Gentle Detox Tea in the evening for a gentle cleansing and to support your digestive health.


Stored in a shady, sealed, dry place. 14 days as one course of treatment. It is better to keep use 2-3 cycle.

Sevo tea herbs are known to help with symptoms related to the following conditions:

  • Cholesterol Levels
  • Obesity
  • Insomnia
  • Angina
  • Mental and Physical Fatigue
  • Weight Control

Sevo Tea may help:

  • Lower Cholesterol (LDL)
  • Weight Management
  • Improve Glucose and Lipid levels
  • Sexual Vitality
  • Maintain healthy Antioxidant levels (+ Catechins)
  • Physical Endurance
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Digestive Support
  • Ability to Focus / Improve Memory
  • Aid in Elimination
  • Support Healthy Levels of Free Radicals

American Indian Ingredients: Green Tea, Anise, Cranberry, Indian Jujube, Terminalia Billerica, Lemon, Raspberry, Chamomile, Nettle, Eucalyptus, Vitamin C.

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